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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance has been a contentious subject throughout its existence with people having very different opinions on its necessity and use.  Some believe that increasing the number of cameras on our streets will lead to a ”Big Brother” type environment where all privacy is lost and people’s movements captured without permission.


At Ulysset we believe that Surveillance cameras are an important addition to every day life in towns and cities for a number of reasons and that the positives far outweigh the negatives.  Citizens can feel safer due to the knowledge that the presence of cameras should deter crime occurring in their neighbourhood.  For private clients, having cameras on their properties discourages would-be criminals from attempting to break in and steal from them. Parking areas, especially large ones, benefit from the increased security and reassures workers and customers that they will find their cars and contents in the same condition as they left them.


Video Surveillance isn’t only used to prevent or record criminal activities, it also ensures greater safety on the roads. In addition to “observing” the state of traffic from above, Ulysset’s built-in cameras can send images in real time to the supervisors, locally store high resolution videos available on request and analyse traffic of cars and people on the move, thus optimising the Smart lighting profiles. The use of integrated radar, in addition to or as a substitute, ensures operation of the system even in cases where low visibility can make camera vision less effective.  This intelligence gathering results in what is known as big data, and it is essentially gathered by surveillance.

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