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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become an industry buzzword over the last few years and is becoming increasingly relevant in our everyday lives.  It is a very broad term but it essentially means that any device that can be turned on and off can be connected to the internet and therefore communicate with other devices.  These devices extend beyond the usual internet connected mechanisms like computers and mobile phones by including appliances such as washing machines, air conditioning units, fridges etc.


These array of connected things create an intelligent network with huge potential to make our lives more connected and convenient.  Gartner, the research and advisory firm, predicts that there will be over 27 billion connected appliances by 2020, a colossal network of connected things.  A fourth industrial revolution is predicted as machinery and objects in production companies become increasingly connected and experts believe that over half of new companies will operate using IoT by 2020.


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Connecting previously ”dumb” objects can help to improve many different aspects of life, for example, using sensors in manufacturing can improve efficiency and reduce waste.  On a domestic level, smart metering can allow users to monitor their energy and heating use and adapt it accordingly.


We at Ulysset realize that IoT is the future and that connecting devices will increase everyone’s quality of life by allowing us to make educated decisions on data we have received through our appliances, therefore saving time and money while increasing efficiency in our day-to-day lives.  Thanks to its sensors, Ulysset is able to connect each type of “thing” while simultaneously acquiring data via Bluetooth or WiFi and then sending it on to the cloud server, to other nodes or to any other server or device. 

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