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Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting is one of the biggest expenses for councils and governing bodies which is why many are looking for a product that can offer substantial cost savings without losing quality and efficiency.   A Smart City’s number one priority is its citizens and improving the quality of their life, therefore it is also important not to sacrifice safety and security to save costs.


Smart street lighting is the most logical first step for councils to take in the direction of making their cities smarter.  This is due to the fact that it is reasonably easy to install them without causing huge disruption to everyday life, plus they guarantee swift and discernible results.

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We have committed ourselves to designing and developing a product that can offer the aforementioned attractive qualities.  With our Ulysset device, public or private customers can save a considerable amount of money and can expect a very quick and satisfactory return of investment.  Our device has the ability to dim lights to various degrees depending on the presence of people or vehicles and the conditions on the road that day, such as weather or road works.  The lights are dimmed using a number of sensors and, as they are controlled and managed remotely, management and maintenance costs are substantially reduced.

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