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Light Art in Rome powered by Digital Lighting to celebrate new-borns of the Italian capital

A light performance to celebrate the new-borns of the Italian capital.

We are about to assist to the moment we have been waiting for the past three weeks. Alberto Garutti, an artist and university professor, is inaugurating his latest work: “Ai nati oggi”. It’s a light performance dedicated to the new-borns of the city; set in one of the most iconic squares of Rome.

The team was enthusiastic when Alberto reached us to help him with the technical part of the performance. He told us that he wanted all thelights of the square to shut down in real time whenever an infant was born in the nearby hospital Gemelli Di Roma. We said we could do it.

The work begun and, eventually, everything was ready for the big day. We were anxious to see the results. We only had to wait for the first born of the night. Those present (including mayor Virginia Raggi, journalists, some curious and the artist) deceived the wait by betting on the sex of the future born: will it be male or female?

Suddenly the lights went out, transmitting a magical emotion, putting everything in pause for a moment; to greet a new life that had just turned on.

Immediately after, the news arrives: They are twins, a male and a female. It is on occasions like these that we remember something very important: technology without people is nothing but an empty concept.

This is why at Digital Lighting we believe that imagination is our best value.

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