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What We Do

At Ulysset we can work with both public and private companies on a wide range of projects.  As the device is scalable, we can add on any number of applications depending on the client’s needs.  For example, a brand new shopping centre contacts us to ask if we can install Smart Lighting in their car park as it will allow them to dim lights during quiet periods resulting in substantial cost savings.  We suggest that they also invest in fast and reliable WiFi as there is now a general expectation from the public that they can connect in commercial areas for free. There is also the fact that the customers are more likely to ‘check in’ whilst shopping or leave a positive review online.


Another app we can offer is Video Surveillance, as a gesture of reassurance to the customers that their cars and their contents will remain safe while they shop.  If the shopping centre is exceptionally large, another possibility could be the addition of Smart Parking which would guide customers to free spaces using sensor technology, this results in a saving of time, energy and money.


We have a number of apps that we are currently working on that could be useful for large commercial entities in the future.  The most convenient of these for customers are the Electric Vehicle Recharging points, these would be powered through the street lamps found in the parking area.  Drivers could leave their vehicles to charge while they shop creating even more of an incentive to visit this particular shopping centre, especially as recharging points are not especially prevalent as of yet.

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