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How it Works

We have created Ulysset to give cities and businesses the possibility of evolving and improving this world.  How do we plan to do it?  We intend to offer Administrators and Entrepreneurs the only tool available to make a difference, the analytical knowledge of the world around us, thus allowing them to discover a world full of curiosity and intelligence.  Our system, just like a modern Ulysses, brings together these virtues and offers them to anyone who has a goal to achieve.


Easy to install and an attractive design, the multi-sensor Ulysset can be placed in any location, from the street lights of a city to the entrance doors of a shopping center.  Once connected to a power source the device interacts with its surroundings, collecting images and data that are useful to the development of services for the community, companies, shops and offices.


The heart, or rather, the brain of the system is represented by the multi-sensor we have designed and patented.  It is the first technological tool in the market capable of internally integrating the following:

  • WiFi MESH


Once the area where Ulysset must interact is identified, a wireless mesh network is developed consisting of a number of multi-sensors required to cover the selected area.  Once the network is created, the devices are put to work by transmitting the data from one node to another and then sending them to a cloud server.  Here they are processed and displayed to users or provided in the form of an API.  The network is also used to send commands to individual devices, activating the many services provided by this system.  Our unique mesh network provides:

  • Broadband (300 Mbit/s)
  • Standard Wi-Fi 802.11s
  • High reliability (4 levels of security)
  • High capacity (multi-gateway)
  • High scalability (extendable to infinite nodes)

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