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Welcome to Ulysset and our first blog post!  We will be blogging about our installations, projects and activities and hope that you will follow us on our journey with this exciting new product.


But first, who we are and what we do!  We are a startup company based in Padova which is in the Veneto region of Northern Italy.  We created Ulysset as we saw a gap in the market for a single product that could combine a number of “Smart City” services instead of one, therefore making it more efficient, flexible and cost-saving for the customer.  As well as this, we are committed to improving the lives of citizens by providing a device that can offer a number of different applications that provide safety and security, convenience, cost and time saving as well as enhancing general well-being.


Public and private safety and security can be increased through applications such as video surveillance, people tracking, traffic control, pollution analysis and extreme weather prediction.  Citizens will also be able to access internet 24/7 throughout public spaces with our fast and reliable WiFi.


We can guarantee significant reductions in lighting costs by installing sensors that cause the lights to dim during night time hours or periods with limited traffic and footfall.  These substantial cost savings result in a very quick Return of Investment making Ulysset a very attractive product.


By 2050 it is predicted that over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities, inevitably this will have a negative effect on pollution levels.  To counter this, we can provide a pollution monitoring app that will supply governing bodies with environmental information allowing them to take appropriate action.


Our Smart Parking app will decrease traffic considerably by showing drivers, in real-time, where and when spaces are available thus decreasing the number of vehicles on the roads wasting time and energy on trying to locate a space.  Additionally, we can provide numerous recharging points for electric bicycles and other vehicles, thus encouraging citizens to go electric.  This will in turn contribute to the reduction of pollution and general wear and tear on the roads.


We are currently in the process of carrying out the first installation of our Ulysset product in a small town in Southern Italy.  We will write another post soon detailing how this installation went, what we learned and how we can improve.  Stay tuned to find out more!


The Ulysset Team

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