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Smart Parking

Finding parking in cities is a modern day nightmare where the average person can waste a disproportionate number of hours a year searching for an unoccupied space.  This unnecessary waste of time can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are on your way to an important appointment and don’t have time to spare.   Drivers looking for a space add to already extremely congested roads but, fortunately, at Ulysset we have found a solution that not only benefits the driver but the community in general.


Among the numerous applications we can attach to the Ulysset device, we have focused on Smart Parking as one of the most important.  The device is able to interact with drivers and their vehicles by notifying them in real time where available parking spaces can be found.  This is achieved through the use of embedded sensors that confirms the existence of a free spot and notifies the driver, guiding them to the spot.


This intelligent process saves the driver time, energy and money while helping to reduce the amount of emissions produced by fruitlessly spending time driving in circles in search of a spot.  It also helps to substantially regulate the flow of traffic and reduce congestion and thus the pollution that is generated. 

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